7 Step Can fitting on Shantui SD22 Bulldozer Flywheel correctly

This article will teach you how to fitting on Flywheel correctly.

It will have 7 step.

Parts number of Shantui bulldozer which you need ?

Item Shantui Parts Number DiscriptionQty
6623-31-1371Gear of Pump 1
301010-31255Bolts 4

Detailed Step:

1. Place the flywheel on top of the console.

2. Install process pin 2 in flywheel process pin mounting hole

3. Tap the idler wheel gently into the flywheel with a soft iron bar.

4. Install idler wheel bolt 3 and tighten it. Lock bolt 3 with lock plate 4.

5. Lift the flywheel to the engine flywheel housing

6. Screw the flywheel mounting process screw at the flywheel mounting hole

7. Install the flywheel into the flywheel housing and bolt the flywheel in place.