Engine Water Pump

Engine water pump is Based on a clear understanding of customers’ specific and various demands, we are able to meet our customers’ demand from product design, material development, lean production and international quality control processes, which could ensure our customers to get high quality components at a competitive cost.

Engine water pump is divided into five major series: Heavy duty, medium duty, light, sedan, mini type, The company current annual capacity reaches up to 10 million pieces of automobile water pump and 5 million pieces of exhaust manifolds. The company has became supporting enterprise with more than 40 enterprises, such as: Shanghai VW, Shanghai GM, FAW-VW, SAIC – GM – Wuling, Dongfeng-Citroen Automobile Co . , Ltd, Cheery, Great Wall, BYD, FAW Haima, FAW Toyota, Geely, Shanghai Automotive, Dongfeng Motor Corporation Passenger Vehicle Company, GUANGZHOU AUTOMOBILE GROUP Passenger Vehicle Company, Shenyang MITSUBI, JAC, JMC, Dongan, Mianyang Xinchen, Tiannei, BFCEC, CCEC Cummins, Dongfeng Cummins, Xi’an Cummings, YUCHAI, HUAICHAI, XICHAI, CHAOCHAI, SHANGCHAI, DACHAI, LOVLO, FOTON etc. The products are also popular in maintenance market with more than 30 provinces. In the mean time, the company was successfully became supporting enterprise or entered into Global procurement system as following: GM, FORD, CUMMIINGS, DEUTZ, VW, FIAT, BORGWARNER, VOLVO, CHRYSLER, MTU, DANFOSS etc.

Dongfeng cummins enginewater pump C3800984

Dongfeng cummins engine water pump C3800984

water pump  for shantu SD16 bullozer,Shangchai engine water pump i2W8002

water pump for shantu SD16 bullozer,Shangchai engine water pump i2W8002

Deutz 6FM1012 engine water pump 130015a52D

Deutz 6FM1012 engine water pump 130015a52D

Engine Water Pump4BT/6BT3389145
Engine Water Pump6BT3286275 3802358 3913432 3802971 3802944
Water Pump6BT komatsu3286277 3802004 3802970 6735-61-1500
Water Pump6BT3286278
Water PumpQSB3800984
Water Pump6BT3960342
Water Pump6BT2881804
Water Pump6BT2881688
Water Pump6CT3966841
Water Pump6CT3800974
Water Pump6CT3800975
Water Pump6CT3800976
Water Pump6CT3806180
Water PumpL3753973114
Water PumpQSL94089647
Water PumpQSC5291444
Water PumpQSL EXCAVATOR5291445
Water PumpB3.33800883/4955417
Water PumpISF2.85269784
Water PumpISF3.85288908
Water PumpM11 LONG SHAFT4955705/3073693
Water PumpM11 SHORT SHAFT4972857
Water PumpISX154089908
Water PumpQSX154089909
Water PumpISX154089910
Water PumpISX154089911
Water PumpKT383635783/3647029
Water PumpKT193011389
Water PumpQSK194025310
Water PumpNT8553801788
Water PumpNT8553801715
Water PumpNT8553051408
Water PumpNT8553051358
Water PumpNT8553803138/4955844
Water PumpN143803605
Water Pump Repair KitNT8553801710/3801712
Water Pump Repair KitM113803261/2882146
Water Pump Repair KitKT193803153
Water PumpKT383627083/3803283
Water PumpKT503803285
Water PumpQSX154090022
Water Pump4D102,6D102PC200-6 PC120-6 6735-61-1101 6735-61-1501 3802004
Water Pump6D1076754-61-1100 6754-61-1010 3800984
Water Pump6D1146743-61-1501 3966841
Water Pump4D95LE
Water Pump6D956206-61-1100
Water Pump6D95L6209-61-1100
Water PumpS6D1056136-62-1102
Water Pump6D1056136-61-1102
Water PumpS6D1256151-61-1101
Water Pump6D125E6151-62-1102