Excavator Hydraulic Pump

Hyundai R225-9 hydraulic pump 31Q6-10020 kawasaki K3V112DTP main pump.

Rexroth hydraulic pup A10VSO

KAYABA KYB MAG16V-140-2 VIO20 final drive ViO27 hydraulic motor VIO15 walking motor Vio15 2AViO20 3VIO30 travel motor

The main pump of the excavator is usually a double pump with a rated pressure of 34MPA and a instantaneous maximum pressure of 39MPA.The reason why the plunger pump pump oil pressure is higher than the gear pump, because its work and volume efficiency is higher.At present, a lot of hydraulic excavators use variable variable axial piston pump.Usually use double pump, with a through shaft will be two plunger pump in series together, so also known as through shaft pump.The through shaft pump used on the excavator can also be connected with a small gear pump as a servo pump (that is, the pilot pump) to simplify the excavator parts.

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