How to fitting on Shantui SD32 Bulldozer Flywheeel housing

This article is Teach you fitting on Flywheel housing of Shantui SD32 bullodzer.

  1. Related Compenents which you need.
Item Shantui Parts Number DiscriptionQty
6711-21-C010Flywheel housing 1
26710-23-4120Bolts 2
36710-23-4130Bolts 5
46710-23-4140Bolts 2
56600-01-2740Spring shim 8

2. Operationinstruction of flywheel housing

2-1 Lift the engine onto the chain plate wire bracket, Remove the front bracket and adjust the oil pan.

How to use the magnet base and dialgage to adjust Oil baffle plate 3955943 ? 

2-2 Install the engine’s own o-ring 409191 on the oil baffle, Seal with butter.

2-3 Lift flywheel housing assembly, Push the flywheel housing into the oil baffle.

2-4 Remove 2 oil pump gears in flywheel housing

2-5 Install the flywheel housing onto the end face of the engine with bolts 2, 3, 4 spring gaskets 5.Apply a relaxing agent to the installation.

2-6 The end jump size and Radial runout tolerance of flywheel housing were measured by dial gauge。

How to use the magnet base and dialgage to measure the end jump size and Radial runout tolerance size of flywheel housing ? 

Radial runout tolerance<=0.3mm , End jump size,<=0.35mm

2-7  Expand pin hole with hand drill,Blow off the iron shavings.

2-8 Mounting dowel.