Japan Nachi PVS series Hydraulic plunger pump model analysis

PVS series plunger pump With small size, light weight, low noise and other advantages, widely used, high market volume

Nachi original hydraulic pump samples as following :

Nichi pump model samples

  1. This series of plunger pumps USES NACHI’s unique design of a semi-cylindrical swash plate to maintain a stable oil output, reduce flow losses, and effectively use power according to the load cycle.Save energy, reduce power loss, realize low cost of production
  2. In slippery shoe, inclined dish, match oil dish to wait for everywhere to use anechoic structure.Realized low noise, especially through the semi – cylindrical inclined disk, stable action characteristics, low noise during operation
  3. This Is the installation mode of this series of pumps, respectively “A” – foot type, “B” – flange type
  4. This Is the maximum displacement (cm3/rev) of this series of pumps, with different specifications including 8, 16, 22, 35 and 45
  5. Represents the variable control mode of this series of pumps
  6. Represents the pressure adjustment range, corresponding range in detail


7. This is Is auxiliary mark, where “no mark” means both sides of the inlet and outlet, and “Z” means the inlet and outlet is backward

8. Represents the design number of this series of Nachi hydraulic pumps