JCM Excavator Radiator Transfer to Africa Client

We received this inquiry before a week, the customer send the pictures of JCM excavator nameplate  and video of radiator

we have checked, this video is very correct. it show the size of radiator, so help we can confirmed this JCM excavator spare parts soon.

Video of how to measure excavator radiator size.

We have found this manufacture of excavator raditor, let us make a video of JCM radiator

Video of Excavator Radiator 21Y-04A-37000

Video of JCM924C Excavator Radiator 21Y-04A-37000

The client is confirmed these size soon, they are very glad to payment . this radiator is transfer to our fowarder now,

the radiator will received next Tuesday.

Many thanks for our supplier and client, we will provide professional and high level service to you in the future .

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