KASAWASI K3VLS Swash Plate Axial Plunger Hydraulic Pump For Excavators 

This article will discuss KASAWASI K3VLS Swash Plate Axial Plunger Hydraulic Pump For Excavators

  1. Product Goal

In order to meet the hydraulic system requirements of construction machinery and industrial vehicles, we have made the K3VLS Series Swash Plate Axial Plunger Hydraulic Pump For Excavators , It can suitable for mechanical equipment which Energy saving and low fuel consumption, save space layout.

2.Hydraulic pump feature And Specifications

  • High efficiency: Through the use of the latest technology to maintain high efficiency in all displacement areas of the pump.
  • High power output density: While increasing the displacement, the miniature and lightweight components are realized.
  • Highly responsive and stable control characteristics: By adopting the basic structure, spring rigidity and control characteristics of K3VL series cable, the high control of hydraulic pump is realized.
  • Low noise: The reduction of the noise value also reduces the high frequency noise, which greatly improves the sound quality of the noise.
  •  Extensive series lineup, rich in optional items: The goal is to be able to cover all the mechanical equipment required by the flow, corresponding to the electronic control of the regulator series lineup.

3. Hydraulic Pump Outline dimensional drawing,  Technical Parameter 

Hydraulic pump feature And Specifications4. Hydraulic pump Model and functions

Hydraulic Pump Outline dimensional drawing5. Regulator Of Hydraulic Pump

  • Regulator With Load sensitive pressure and cut-off control modelHydraulic proportional control
  • 5.2Regulator with Current control model -Positive flow control
  • Rugulator with Power control and power switching function-Electro-hydraulic proportional controlCurrent control model
  • Rugulator with Power control and power switching function-Hydraulic proportional control

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