KAWASAKI Axial Piston Motors

This article will introduce KAWASAKI Piston Motor

  1. Kawasaki Piston motor model

  M3X Series Kawasaki Piston motor

  M3B Series Kawasaki Piston motor

  K3X Series  Kawasaki Piston motor

  1. K3X series Kawasaki motor fit on excavators. We will discuss this samples.K3X kawasaki piston motor

  2. K3X Swash-Plate Type Axial Piston Motor, The K3X series are newly developed motors for industrial machinery.


  4. 4.1 1. High Efficiency and Reliability,K3X series has high efficiency and high reliability by using common rotary parts of K3V Series pumps which are used widely for construction machines and have many years of experience.

4.1.2 Allowable to Apply The Radial Force,The motor shaft can withstand radial loads. But in this case, bearing life decrease.

 4.1.3 Allowable to Use on Upward Motor Shaft Position, The motor has the drain port to be installed with shaft vertical.

  1. SPECIFICATIONSK3X kawasaki piston motor specifications


The semi cylindrical slide plate, positioned at the both sides of the swash plate,supports the load, as a swash plate supporting mechanism. Two control pistons push swash plate opposite to each other. Displacement is changed by controlling the oil supply to the chambers to adjust the tilting angle of the swash plate.

The semi spherical pivot ball, positioned at the both sides of the swash plate, supports the load, as a swash plate supporting mechanism. The tilting angle of the swash plate diminishes by supplying the oil to the chamber of a control piston positioned at the swash plate. On the other hand, when oil is not supplied to the chamber, swash plate is retreated by the forces applied to the pistons and by the cylinder spring and the tilting angle becomes maximum.

M3B200 KAWASAKI Piston Motor

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