Komatsu Excavator Final Drive

This article is introduce the final drive assembly brand for excavators.

1. Komatsu excavator final drive model and komatsu excavator comparison table.

Komatsu parts number Komatsu excavator model Parts name
201-60-73601 PC60-7 Komatsu excavator final drive
708-3S-00961 PC56-7 Komatsu excavator final drive
708-2L-00300 PC200-7 Komatsu excavator final drive
708-2L-00400 PC200-8 Komatsu excavator final drive
708-2G-00024 PC300-7 Komatsu excavator final drive
708-2H-00451 PC400-7 Komatsu excavator final drive
208-27-00281 PC450 Komatsu excavator final drive
202-60-00310 PC100-3 Komatsu motor assembly
708-40–2003 PC200-6 Komatsu travel motor assembly
708-8F-00120 PC220-6 Komatsu travel motor assembly
209-60-75101 PC700-8 PC800-8 Komatsu travel motor assembly
209-60-76400 PC850 PC850-8 Komatsu travel motor assembly

2. Operating principleof  Komatsu excavtor final drive.  

The motor is very similar to the pump in structure. As the power output device of the hydraulic system, it does not push the hydraulic oil like a pump, but is pushed by the high-pressure hydraulic oil and produces torque and continuous rotational motion.

The final drive of the walking motor is a straight – shaft plunger motor.The plunger motor generates torque by acting on the pressure of the plunger in the cylinder block.The pressure at the end of the plunger causes a reaction force on the swash plate that drives the cylinder block and motor shaft to rotate.

In use, if the oil inlet and the oil outlet are exchanged, the movement is opposite to the above, and the drive shaft rotates in reverse.

3. How to repair komtsu excavator final dirve?

Fault analysis of Komatsu excavator final drive.

Fault phenomenon: One side can not walk

Check cause: Dirt blocking small hole in balancing valve, resulting in shutdown,

The power can not be removed.

Fault analysis : The dirt gets in and closes the hole in the balance valve.

The pressure oil can not enter the balance through the small hole on the balance valve, The valve’s spring chamber pushes the balance valve to move, therefore, to remove the gram, Service brake spring pressure oil will not pass through the balance valve, Tank entry, resulting in failure to remove stop braking force, result line, If you can’t spin a motor, you can’t walk.

Troubleshooting : Clean the balance valve, and pay attention to avoid dirty things into when we spliting and fitting the valve.

4. How to choose a correct excavator final drive?

When you send inquiry, please tell us detailed informations of your excavator and excavator final drive.

-Excavator model, if have equipment nameplate is the best.

-Excavator final drive model, if have nameplate of final drive is the best.

-If lose above data, check this pictures , send data we can check again.

Provide data as following : 
-Machine Type ?
-Number of Hoses ?
-1 Speed or 2 Speed ?
-The size of Contact to excavator carframe , How many of screw and hole?
-The size of Contact to excavator spocke wheel, How many of screw and hole?
– The distance between the top and bottom holes?
Following us and feedback, you can get comfortable final drive

5. Excavator brand we can replaced

Hydraulic motors apply to kinds of models of  heavy equipment brands,travel motors and swing motors can be replaced on most brands of excavators. Such as Bobcat, Case, Caterpillar, Daewoo, Doosan, Hitachi, Hyundai, IHI, JCB, KATO, Kobelco, Komatsu, Kubota, Neuson, New Holland, JCB, SUMITOMO, Takeuchi, VOLVO and Yanmar, Mitsubishi, Airman, Atlas Copco, Gehl, John Deere, Kubota, Liebherr, LiuGong, Lonking, Lovol, New Holland, Nissan, Pel Job, Rexroth, Samsung, Sany, Sandvik, Schaeff, SDLG, Sunward, Terex, Wacker , Wirtgen, Volvo, XCMG, XGMA, Yuchai, Zoomlion Excavators. OEM quality Travel Reducer and Travel Motor.

6. Excavator model we can supplied :

For Komatsu Excavator : PC20, PC30, PC25, PC18, PC30, PC40, PC55, PC50UR, PC60, PC75,PC78,PC90,PC100,PC110,PC120,PC130-6,PC140,PC150-5,PC160,PC180,PC200-6,PC220,PC210,PC230,PC240,PC260,PC280,PC300,PC320,PC360,PC380,PC400,PC420,PC450-7, PC650,PC650-8,PC710-5 PC1000-1,PC1250

– For Hitachi Excavator : EX25, EX30UR-2, EX35,EX40, EX45UU, EX50, EX60, EX75, EX90, EX100, EX55, EX120, EX160-1, EX200-2, EX210-5, EX220-6, EX270 UH07-7O/N, UH55,EX330, EX320-3 EX360,EX400, ZAXIS55, ZAXIS60, ZAXIS90, ZAXIS70, ZAXIS100-1, ZAXIS110-2,ZAXIS120,ZAXIS160,ZAXIS200-1,ZAXIS210,ZAXIS230,ZAXIS230-5,ZAXIS240 ZAXIS330,ZAXIS360,ZAXIS450

– For Kato Excavator  : HD250SE-2, HD250-5/7, HD300GS, HD307, HD350, HD400G, KD400SE-2,HD400SEN2,HD400-5/7,HD450-5/7,HD510,HD512,HD550-5/7,HD700-2/5, HD700-7, HD770-1, HD770-2, HD800-5, HD800-7, HD820-1/2/3 ,HD880, HD850, HD900-5/7, HD1023, HD1220SE-2, HD1250-5, HD1430, HD1880-7, HD900-7, HD1880

For Kobelco Excavator : K30, SK45, SK80, K903, K904, K904B, K907B, K907C, K907D, SK50, SK120, SK60, SK75UR, SK07, SK027, SK04N2, SK07N2, SK09, SK100, SK200, SK200-5, SK200-6, SK120-3, SK120-6 , SK120LC, SK210, SK220, SK380, SK310, SK450, SK230, SK260, SK280 , SK250, SK07-N2, SK320, SK330, SK360, SK330-6, SK330-8, SK210-8, SK230-6E, SK250-6, SK250-8, SK450-6, SK450-8, SK480-6

For Sumitomo Excavator : SH55, SH60, SH75, SH90, SH100, SH120-1/2/3/5,SH160, SH180,SH200-1/A3,SH220,SH300-2,LS2650FJ-2,LS2800CJ/DJ/EJ/FJ-2,LS2800FJ2,LS2800F2 LS3400EA LS3400FJ LS5800FJ, LS4300FJ2, LS5800C2, SC800,SC1000

For Doosan/Daewoo Excavator : Solar S55 DH55-5, S60, SOLAR 130, SOLAR140,SOLAR160, DH220-2, DH220-3, DH220-5, DH220-9E, DH225-7 DH280-3, DH320, DH320-2/3, DH450, DH130-7, DH280, DH330, DH360-5

For Volvo Excavator : EC55, EC60, EC70, EC75, EC90, EC110, EC120, EC130 ,EC160, EC210B, EC240B, EC240B, EC260B, EC280, EC290B, EC320, EC360B, EC380, EC420, EC460B

For Caterpillar CAT Excavator : E235-B, E235-D, E245-B, E245-D, E307, E311B, E312C, E312CL, E315C, E315CL, E318B, E320, E320L, E322, E325, E330, E350, E375, E450

 For Yanmar Excavator : B50-, B5X,B6-3, B6U,B7-3, B7U, SV05, SV08 , SV13, SV15, SV08-1, Vio10, Vio15, Vio20, Vio75, VIO85, VIO90, VIO50, VIO57, VIO45-2, VIO35, VIO55

For Kubota Excavator : MX331, MX337, MX341, E50, E32, E35, E43, E80, MX325, MX328, MX334, MX430, E26, E62, E45, E38, MXE32

– For IHI Excavator :  IHI25, IHI35, IHI45, IHI55, IHI60, IHI80, IHI75, IHI100, IHI120,  IHI140, IHI160, IHI175, IHI185

7. Excavator final drive manufacture and supplier

1) KYB KAYABA Final Drive Travel Motor :

KYB product is a walking device integrating motor and reducer. It is composed of double displacement axial plunger motor and walking reducer. The motor has built-in anti-reverse valve, parking brake device and advanced two-gear conversion device, which is characterized by: large transmission ratio range, compact structure, high work efficiency, strong reliability, small volume, smooth operation, low noise;At the same time has the multistage security protection, the service life is long and so on the characteristic.Suitable for hydraulic crawler driving device.

KYB MAG-18VP-250F-1, MAG-18VP-350F-4, MAG-33VP-550F-10, MAG-85VP-1800-11, MAG-85VP-2600E-1, MAG-170VP-3400E-7, MAG-17VP-3600F-5.

2) Nabotesco Final Drive Travel Motor:

Hydraulic motor can be divided into high speed and low speed hydraulic motor according to its rated speed. The hydraulic motor manufactured by Nabotesco is a kind of high speed hydraulic motor. The structure of the motor is swashplate axial plunger type. Moreover, the motor has bivariate function, which can adapt to different working conditions and output different torques in the construction of engineering machinery, thus improving work efficiency.Therefore, hydraulic motors are widely used in engineering machinery because of their small size, high power density, compact structure and high efficiency.


3 ) Nachi Final Drive Travel Motor

Mining engineering machinery, with its harsh working environment, the hydraulic system and the components of the system’s performance requirements are very high.Especially the hydraulic driving device, often bear a large torque in the work, which requires the output of high torque of the hydraulic motor, so in mining machinery hydraulic driving device needs to bear a large torque, to ensure the use of the product.

– Coal mine construction machinery, the usual working environment is very harsh, so it is easy to make the cleanliness of the hydraulic system is polluted.However, for the hydraulic system, hydraulic oil is no doubt like human blood, need higher cleanliness requirements, do not allow pollutants.For hydraulic components, the internal components have higher precision, some of the hydraulic cleanliness requirements are also very high.At present, equipment such as crawler walking slag raking machine, coal machine and drilling machine that are engaged in roadway operation often encounter no power input due to the failure of the main engine, which causes relatively large economic losses.

Motor : PHV-1B,PHV-2B,PHV-3B,PHV-4B-60B-P-9067A,PHV-390

4)Bosch Rexroth Final Drive Travel Motor

With the development of highway construction and urban construction in China, building and road maintenance equipment has been widely used. Hydraulic motors are not only widely used in construction machinery equipment, but also in road construction equipment and road maintenance equipment.The crawler spreader and the ground planer are widely used in road construction.In road-building and maintenance equipment, such as asphalt pavements, which require higher temperatures, the hydraulic motor is required to withstand higher temperatures and maintain a higher output efficiency at high temperatures.

– Piling machinery mainly refers to the machinery used for drilling, piling and piling during foundation construction.The main characteristics of this equipment is strong professional, production volume is small.The mechanical hydraulic system of pile works usually has higher pressure. This kind of equipment is mostly hydraulic driven, so as to ensure stable construction.Due to its particularity and relatively poor working environment, pile machinery needs a large torque output and a large reduction ratio structure hydraulic drive device.

8. Which parameter we can get from nameplate ?

– Inlet flow

– Displacement

– Max working pressue  

– Reduction Ratio 

 Max output speed and torque

Video of Komatsu excavator final drive

9. Conclusion

With the high-speed development of engineering machinery, hydraulic system relies on imported accessories conditions be effectively improved, many manufacturers can offer replace imported excavator hydraulic motor assembly and repair parts, we are willing to do the connecting link between manufacturers and customers, to provide correct and high quality products, with professional knowledge and high efficient and accurate delivery speed services to customers at home and abroad. We have speciality engineer service to you around 24 hours, We can quotes and provide technical support online, Supply corresponding drawing and technical parameter to you, waiting your inquiry in further time.

Measure sporcket size

Measure inside dimension of final drive

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