Mitsubishi Engine Parts

Using genuine Mitsubishi parts is the safest way to optimise your investment and you can be sure that they will give you long lasting satisfaction and functionality. They will work in the manner that Mitsubishi originally intended when conceiving, developing and manufacturing the engine.

Why should you use Mitsubishi Engine Parts?

Mitsubishi is one of the few manufacturers to build their engines from scratch. Every nut, bolt and filter etc. is designed to work together in harmony with performance and reliability in mind.

Mitsubishi Engine Parts Online

kunpneng  Diesel have a huge range of Mitsubishi Parts Online for your perusal and to purchase. Order mitsubishi parts online safe in the knowledge that Kunpneng  Diesels have many years experience in buying and selling Mitsubishi engines and parts. Please take a look at our online mitsubishi parts catalog to see our full range of new and used mitsubishi parts. With our mitsubishi parts online catalog you will find hundreds of quality mitsubishi used parts online, from a front pully drive, through to radiators, couplings and more. Our mitsubishi online parts catalogue is constantly updated with our latest mitsubishi original parts online. Online mitsubishi parts include used mitsubishi parts online, genuine mitsubishi parts online and mitsubishi spare parts online. Please bookmark this page and return on a regular basis to view our changing range of products. Our new online parts include FRONT PULLEY DRIVE  ENGINE, FUEL FILTER ASSEMBLY, CYLINDER HEAD, RECON INJECTION PUMPS, WATER PUMP, RECONDITIONED TURBOCHARGERS, EXHAUST MANIFOLDS ,MAIN BEARING ,CONNECTING BEARING ,CYLINEDER, FUEL INJECTOR,LUB OIL COOLER,CRANKSHAFT AND SO ON .

Mitsubishi Marine Engine Parts

Mitsubishi engines are renowned throughout the world and have a reputation second to none when it comes to dependability, fuel consumption and durability, lasting for many years. Their long stroke and low compression minimises stress from vibration to the engine. A Mitsubishi marine engine will give you on average 25% more iron than the competition. A marine engine with larger displacement is far stronger. Larger mass provides greater internal durability for better reliability. Mitsubishi Marine engines are designed to be easy to service. This will save on the cost of maintaining it and reduce the downtime of you machine or vehicle. Again saving further costs if the engine is integral to your business.

If you are looking for a Mitsubishi marine engine an engine that you can trust will work day in and day out, Kunpeng Diesels are here for you. Contact one of our team to further discuss your requirements. Our representatives will be able to help you with the engine sales, parts or service.

Kunpeng Diesel are proud suppliers of Mitsubishi Diesel Engines, new and used including new and used Mitsubishi spare parts. We are only too happy to help you finding the correct engine or spare part. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our highly experienced team of Mitsubishi engine specialists. With over 15 years experience we can help and advise on your latest project or purchase. Kunpeng diesel have 1000’s of parts in stock or are able to get our hands on many other parts and engines on request.