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Komatsu Excavator Parts

If you are looking to purchase world class OEM Komatsu excavator spare parts from a leading supplier in China, then you can rely on us for getting the desired products at the most affordable cost. We at Jining Kunpeng Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. give the highest priority to optimum satisfaction of our clients. We can help you get undercarriage spare parts, hydraulic spare parts, cooling parts, Engine spare parts or others at a cost effective price in a prompt and professional way.

Komatsu excavator parts PC400-6 hydraulic distribution manifold 723-78-19101

komatsu excavators parts  rebuild Komatsu excavator valve

komatsu excavator parts  renew Komatsu hydrulic main valve 723-48-19101

We can supply these Komatsu excavator spare parts : 

We are Jining Kunpeng Construction Machinery Equitment Co.,Ltd , We can supply Komtsu excavator hydraulic pumps, final drives,

hydraulic cylinder seal kits, arm boom bucket,seal kits, O-ring kits, engine liner kits, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, crankshafts,

camshafts,connecting rods, con rod bearings, valves, gasket kits, excavator & dozer track link assy, idlers, sprockets,

track rollers, carrier rollers, buckets, tooth, bolts, nuts, engine, engine related parts, cooling system, fuel tank and related

parts, electrical system, hydraulic system, main/revolving frame and related parts, operator’s compartment and control system,guard,

swing circle and related parts, travel and lower piping, under carriage, work equipment, marks and plates, accessory,miscellaneous,

service and component parts etc.

Our company can supply genuine and oem Komatsu excavator spare parts

1) Undercarriage spare parts:Track shoe,Track Link,Bolt,Track roller,Carrier Roller,Sprocket,Front Idler,Idler Cushion

2) Engine spare parts:Cylinder Head, Cylinder Block, Turbocharger, Piston, Piston Ring, Metal, Crankshaft, Oil Pump, Fuel injection Pump, Water Pump, Alternator, Starting Motor

3) Hydraulic spare parts: Main Valve, Main Pump, Solenoid Valve, Boom/Arm/Bucket Cylinder, Final Drive, Travel Motor, Swing Machinery, Swing Motor

4) Operator’s Cab spare parts:Cab Ass’y, Monitor, Controller, Engine Controller, Wiring Harness, Seat, Air Conditioner, Air Compressor

5)Cooling parts:Radiator,heat sink,air conditioner,compressor,after cooler,water cooler,hydraulic oil cooler etc.

6)Other parts:Service kit,swing circle,engine hood,swivel joint,fuel tank,filter,boom,arm,bucket ect.

Komatsu  Excavator Model 

PC56-7 Komatsu Excavator Main Parameter

Size ( L*W*H ) : 5935*1960*2250 mm

Diesel Engine Horsepower : 34.5 kw ( 47 ps )

Working Weight : 5300 kg

Dipper Capacity : 0.055-0.22 Cube

Engine : Komatsu S4D87E-1

Engine Speed : 2300r/min

Engine CC : 2.4344 Ltr

Excavator komatsu PC56-7

PC60-8 Komatsu Excavator Main Parameter : 

Size ( L*W*H ) : 6035*2225*2620 mm

Diesel Engine Horsepower : 40.7 kw ( 55ps )

Working Weight : 6180 kg

Dipper Capacity : 0.05-0.32 Cube

Engine : Komatsu S4D95LE-5

Engine Speed : 1950 r/min

Engine CC : 3.26 Ltr

PC60-8 excavator

PC160LC-7 Komatsu Excavator Main Parameter : 

Size ( L*W*H ) : 8565*2490*3000 mm

Diesel Engine Horsepower : 82.4 kw ( 112ps )

Working Weight : 16400 kg

Dipper Capacity : 0.62-0.75 Cube

Engine : Komatsu SAA4D102E-2

Engine Speed  : 2200r/min

Engine CC : 3.92 Ltr

PC160LC-7 excavators

PC220-8LC Komatsu Excavator Main Parameter : 

Size ( L*W*h ) : 9885*2980*3185 mm

Diesel Engine Horsepower : 123 kw ( 167 ps )

Working Weight : 23100 kg

Dipper Capacity : 1.03-1.2 Cube

Engine : Komatsu SAA6D107E-1

Engine Speed  : 2000r/min

Engine CC : 6.69 Ltr

Komatsu excavator PC220-8MO

Komatsu Excavator PC60-7, PC 120-7,PC210-7,PC270-8,PC360-7,PC200-6,PC200-7,PC220-7,PC240-7PC400-7,PC450-8,PC600-7

PC360-8LC Komatsu Excavator Main Parameter : 

Size ( L*W*h ) : 11150*3190*3145 mm

Diesel Engine Horsepower : 187 kw ( 254 ps )

Working Weight : 33550 kg

Dipper Capacity : 1.6-1.9 Cube

Engine : Komatsu SAA6D114E-3

Engine Speed  : 1950r/min

Engine CC : 8.27 Ltr

komatsu pc360-8

Komatsu diesel engine model 

1D75-1,1D84-1,2D68E-3,2D70E-5,2D94-2,3D67E-1,3D68E-3,3D72-1,3D72-2,3D74E-3,3D75-1,3D75-2,3D76E-5,3D78-1,3D78AE-3,3D78N-1,3D78N-1,3D82AE-3,3D82AE-5,3D84-1,3D84-2,3D84E-3,3D84N-2,3D88E-5,3D94-2,3D95S,4D102E-1,4D105-2,4D105-3,4D105-5,4D120-1,4D120-1,4D130-1,4D84-2,4D84E-3,4D84E-3,4D88E-3,4D88E-5,6D92-1,4D94-2,4D94E-1,4D94LE-2,4D95L-1,4D95LE-2,4D95L-W-1,4D95S-1,4D95S-W-1,4D98E-1,6D105-1,6D125-1,6D125E-2,6D95L-1,GX160K1-SKM-1,N14,NH-220-Cl-1,NT-855-1,NTO-6-Cl-1,S3D84-2,S3D-5,S4D102E-1,S4D105-1,S4D105-2,S4D105-3,S4D120-11,S4D130-1,S4D155-4,S4D95L-1,S4DLE-3,S6D102E-1,S6D105-1,S6D108E-1,S6D108E-1,S6D114E-1,S6D114E-1,S6D125-1,S6D140-1,S6D140E-1,S6D155-4,S6D170-1,S6D170E-2,S6D95L-1,SA12V140-1,S12V170-1,SA6D95L-1SA6D102E-1,SA6D108-1,SA6D110-1,SA6D125-1,SA6D125E-1,SA6D125E-3,SA6D140-1,SA6D140-2,SA6D140E-1,SA6D155-4,SA6D170-A-1,SA6D170-B-1,SA6D170E-2,SA6D170E-3,SA8V170-1,SAA6D95LE-1,SAA4D95LE-3,SAA4D102E-2,SAA12V140Z-E2,SAA6D102E-2,SAA6D107E-1,SAA6D108E-2,SAA6D114E-2,SAA6D125E-2,SAA6D125E-3,SAA6D125E-5,SAA6D140E-1,SAA6D140E-2,SAA6D140E-3,SAA6D140E-5,SAA6D170E-2,SAA6D170E-3,SDA12V140-1,SDA12V140E-1,SDA6D140E-1,SDA6D140E-2, SDA6D140E-3,SL4D130-1,VTA-1710-1。

4d95 komatu diesel engines

KTR110G-E44B 6505-52-5470 turbocharger komatsu  excavator parts

KTR110G-E44B 6505-52-5470 for komatsu wheel loader

KTR110G-E44B 6505-52-5470 turbocharger for komatsu bulldzer D375

komatsu forklift turbocharger KTR110G-E44B 6505-52-5310

KTR110G-E44B 6505-52-310 turbocharger for komatsu D375A bulldozer

komatsu excavator parts turbocharger KTR110G-E44B 6505-52-5310

komatsu excavator parts engine turbocharger 6505-52-5470

komtasu blldozer turbochharger 6505-52-5470

6CT 3916302 engine magnetic switch 12v 24v for Generator

komatsu engine parts valve cover 6741-11-8121

komatsu excavator parts engine valve cover 6741-11-8121

Komatsu excavator parts 6742-01-0550 , SAA6D114 front cover seal kit, loader parts

Komatsu excavator parts 6743-11-3320 PC400-7 diesel engine injector

Komatsu excavator parts  PC400-7 KOMATSU engine injector 6743-11-3320

komatsu excavator parts water temeprature sensor 7861-92-3320

3916301 3916302 6CT Magnetic Switch for komatsu Excavator parts

Komatsu excavator parts PC300-7 genuine 6742-01-0550 ,6732-21-1310 crankshaft seal

Komatsu excavator parts SEAL 6742-01-0550 for WA380 parts

komatsu excavator parts cylinder head 6735-11-1820 engine gasket for komatsu engine

komatsu excavator parts cylinder line for PC220-6 excavator engine

komatsu excavator parts  6d95 engine bushing 6207-31-3130

komatsu excavator parts  6d95 engine piston 6207-31-2141

komatsu excavator parts  6d95 engine piston pin 6207-31-2420

komatsu excavator parts  diesel engine piston 6754-31-2111

komatsu excavator parts  engine crank pin metal 6207-31-3300

komatsu excavator parts engine cylinder head gasket 6207-11-1822

komatsu excavator parts engine cylinder liner 6207-21-2110

komatsu  excavator parts engine exhaust pipe gasket

komatsu exvator parts engine gasket 6206-11-8810

komatsu engine insert exhaust,intake , 6732-11-1170,6732-11-1180

komatsu excavator parts  engine piston 6207-31-2141

komatsu  excavator parts engine piston 6754-31-2111

komatsu excavator parts  engine piston ring 6732-31-2300180

komatsu engine piston ring 6732-31-2300

komatsu excavator parts  engine SA6D102 exhaust valve 6732-41-4520

komatsu excavtor parts  engine SA6D102 metal 6732-31-3410

komatsu excavator parts enigne repair kit

komatsu excavator parts engine overhaul

Komatsu excavator parts seal for S6D95 engine 6732-41-4530,6732-41-4540

Komatsu WA380 loader patrs hydraulic pumps 705-52-40130

Komatsu WA380 loader patrs hydraulic pumps 705-52-40130

Komatsu WA380 loader parts hydraulic pumps 705-52-30280

Komatsu WA380 loader parts hydraulic pumps 705-52-30280

Komatus excavator parts PC300-7 Controller GP ECU 7835-26-2004

Komatus excavator parts PC300-7 Controller GP ECU 7835-26-2004

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