Shantui Bulldozer Spare Parts SD22 Torqflow Transmission 154-15-31000

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Shantui Bulldozer Spare Parts SD22 Torqflow Transmission 154-15-31000

Shantui Bulldozer Spare Parts SD22 Torqflow Transmission 154-15-31000


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Shantui Bulldozer Spare Parts SD22 Torqflow Transmission 154-15-31000

Bulldozer SD22 SD23 TY220 TY320B Transmission Gearbox Ass’y 154-15-31000

SHANTUI bulldozer SD22 transmission parts gear box 154-15-31000

Shantui Bulldozer Spare Parts SD22 Torqflow Transmission 154-15-31000 with Valve

Shantui Bulldozer Spare parts For Sale
SD13 Track roller SD16 Track roller SD22 Track roller
SD13 Idler ass’y SD16 Idler ass’y SD22 Idler ass’y
SD13 Roller ass’y SD16 Roller ass’y SD22 Roller ass’y
SD13 Segement SD16 Segement SD22 Segement
SD32 Track roller SD13/16/22 Track bolts SD32 Track bolts
SD32 Idler ass’y SD13/16/22 Blade bolts SD32 Blade bolts
SD32 Carrier Roller ass’y SD13/16/22 Drive gear bolts SD32 Drive gear bolts
SD32 Segement SD13/16/22 Universal joint ass’y SD32 Universal joint ass’y
190ML-45000 Track link ass’y (PC200) 203MJ-37000 Track link ass’y (SD16) 216MJ-38000 Track link ass’y (SD22)
190ML-47000 Track link ass’y (PC220) 203MJ-42000 Track link ass’y (SD16) 216MJ-45000 Track link ass’y (SD22)
190MK-45000 Track link ass’y (CAT320) 216MF-45000 Track link ass’y (PC360) 228MC-41000 Track link ass’y (SD32)
07432-71203 Transmission pump ass’y 705-21-32051 Transmission pump ass’y 07433-71103 Transmission pump ass’y
16Y-76-06000 Steering pump ass’y 07436-72202 Steering pump ass’y 07440-72202 Steering pump ass’y
702-13-13001/14000 Pilot valve SD22 Torque Converter ass’y SD32 Torque Converter ass’y
SD13 End bit & Edge cutting SD16 End bit & Edge cutting SD22 End bit & Edge cutting
SD32 End bit & Edge cutting SD16/22/32 Tip SD16/22/32 Seat ass’y
SD16 Radiator ass’y SD22 Radiator ass’y SD32 Radiator ass’y
SD13/16/22 Fan belts SD13/16/22 Water pump belts SD13/16/22 Alternator Belts
SD16 Steering cluch SD22 Steering cluch SD32 Steering cluch

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We can supply you all kinds of excavator spare parts as following:

Hydraulic Parts: 

Hydraulic pump, Travel motor, Swing motor, Travel gearbox, Swing gearbox, Main control valve, Hydraulic cylinder assy, Gear pump, Pump regulator, Relief valve, Actuator, Pressure switch block, Proportional pressure control valve, Hydraulic tank, Piping, Pilot pump, Swivel joint, Swing bearing, Proportional pressure control valve, Boom cylinder, Arm cylinder, Bucket cylinder, etc.

Pump/Motor/Gearbox Parts:

Travel motor parts, Travel gearbox parts, Swing motor parts, Swing gearbox parts, Travel motor cover, Housing, Pump parts, Gears, Cylinder block, Piston shoe, valve plate, Retainer plate, Swash plate, Thrust plate, Support, Springs, Clamp, Pump case, Pump head, Swing shaft, Sun gear, Planetary carrier, First planetary assy, Second planetary assy, Planetary gear, etc.
Undercarriage Parts: 

Track link, Track shoe , Track roller, Carrier roller, Idler, Sprocket, Track link guide, Track Adjuster assy, H-link, Bolts, Nuts, Rubber track, Rubber pad, Track spring, etc.

Excavator Attachments: 

Bucket, Mud bucket, Earth bucket, Heavy duty rock bucket, Skeleton bucket, Hydraulic breaker, Quick hitch, Hydraulic hammer, Hydraulic quick coupler, Ripper, Bucket teeth and adapter, Bucket pin, Boom, Arm,etc.
Cabin Parts: 

Excavator cabin, Cabin door, Side door panel, Cabin seat, Cabin glass, Engine cover, Tool box, Door lock, Radiator side door, Pump side door, Glass, Cushion, Seal kit, Floating seal, Joystick, Foot pedal valve, O-ring box, Coupling, etc.
Electric Parts:

Controller, Monitor, Panel, Throttle motor, Solenoid valve, Pressure sensor, Switch, Wiring harness, Air conditioning, Air con panel, Air conditioning condenser, Starter motor, Alternator, Working lamp, Hour meter, Battery, Pressure meter, etc.
Engine Parts:

Cylinder block, Cylinder head, Crankshaft, Camshaft, Engine assy, Injector, Fuel injection pump, Oil pump, Feed pump, Radiator, Oil cooler, Fuel cooler, Aftercooler, Turbocharger, Water pump, Fan, Fan drive clutch, Fan blade, Liner kits, Main bearings, Con rod bearings, Insert valve, Exhaust valve, Valve seat, Valve guide, Ring set, Overhaul Gasket, Head gasket, Oil seal, Piston bushing, Piston pin, Rocker arm, etc.

Other Parts: 

Filters, Oil water seperator, Pressure test tool, etc.

Other Bulldozer Transmission : 



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重量 750 公斤
尺寸 50 × 40 × 30 厘米
Machine Model

SHANTUI Bulldozer SD22

Part Name:

SD22 Torqflow Transmission

Part Number:




Applicable Industries:

Machinery Repair Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Retail,

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