China Wholesale Water Cooled KTA19 Cummin Marine Diesel Engine

SD23 engine

1.  KTA19 Marine Diesel Engines Parameter:

K19-M Series For Marine Engine
Engine Model K19-M425 K19-M525 K19-M600
Engine Features In-line, 6 Cylinders, Four-stroke, Direct Injection
Rate Power (KW@R/Min) 288/1744 339/1744 407/1744
Standby Power (KW) 317/1800 373/1800 447/1800
Displacement (L) 19
Bore*Stroke (mm) 159*159
Cooling Type Compulsive Water-Cooling
Air Intake Type Turbocharged & Inner-Cooling
Compression Ratio 14.5:1 13.9:1 13.9:1
Oil Capacity (L) 40
Net Weight (KG) 1900
Over Dimension (mm) 2151*966*1704
Max.torque Capacity at Front Crank (N.m) 997
BSFC (g/KW.h) 207
Oil Consumption (Max.) L/h 0.3

2. KTA19 Marine Diesel Engines Superiority:

(1).American technology

(2). Price less 20%~30% than others brand

(3). CE & ISO9001:2008

(4). Share Cummins parts
(5). Simple and convenient maintennance

(6). Small Volume

(7). High Power

(8). Fuel Save

(9). Low Noise

(10). Lightweight

3. KTA19 Marine Diesel Engines Standard configuration:

(1). Elbow

(2). Muffler

(3). Taper joint

(4). Bellows

(5). Toolbox

(6).EFC Governer

(7).Sea Water Pump

4. KTA19 Marine Diesel Engines Performance Characteristics:

(1). Advanced fuel system enable direct injection so as to efficiently lower fuel consumption while augmenting power.
(2). PT Fuel injection system offers you options : may use mechanical system or even better use CENTRY speedregulation system by electric controlling.
(3). Swaged forging crankshaft and connection bar make their life longer.
(4). Four valves, supercharging, and air intercooling elevate discharge standard and increase power.
(5). The compact design of four stroke and in-line has the size smaller and weight lighter.
(6). Design of one valve out fitting with one cylinder lower the temperature of cylinder head efficiently, increase servicelife, and facilitate maintenance.
(7). Hierarchical variable timing system (STC) allows engine toaccelerate with load smoothly, to control fuel injection moreaccurately, and to elevate discharge standard.