Water pump for diesel engines

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Model Part No. Model Part No. Model Part No.
PC60-4D95 6204-61-1104 EC210B EC240B D4D D6D VOE 21404502 4M40
PC60-5/6 S4D95 6206-61-1100 EC210 EC290 668561-1024 S4E 34545-00013
PC60-7 129907-42051 EC210 EC290 668561 S4F 34545-00013
PC120-6 4D95 EC360 S4S 34545-10017
PC200-3 6D105 6136-62-1102 ZAX200-3 4HK1 8-98022822-1 S6S 32B45-10031
PC200-1/2 6D105 6136-61-1102 ZAX330 6HK1 1-13650133-0 3T75H-LB 129001-42005
PC200-5 6D95 6206-61-1102 ZX200 ZX240 6BG1 3TNV88 129004-42001
PC200-6 6D95 6209-61-1100 6206-61-1505 EX55 E55 4TNE88T 129002-42004
PC200-6/7/8 R220-5 6D102 6BT5.9 6735-61-1501 3389145 EX60VR 4JB1 8-94140341-0 4TNE88 129006-42002
PC200-6 6D102 6735-61-1500/ 6735-62-1500 EX60-2-3 BD30 2010-40K26 4TNV94 129006-42002
PC200-6 6D95 6209-61-1100 EX60 FD33 21010-7902617 4TNV98 129907-42000
PC200-7/8 6D107 6127-61-1068 EX60/70 BD30 4D89-2
PC300-5 6D108 6222-63-1200 EX120-2/3 4BD1 8-94376865-0 4WT88T 129002-42004
PC300-5 PC300-6 SA6D108-1A 6221-61-1102 EX120-5 4BG1 8-97125051-1 4WT88
PC300-6 S6D108-E2 6222-63-1200 EX200-1/LS2800F 6BD1T 1-13610145-2 R55 4D84-2 129100-42002
PC400-1 SA6D110 6138-61-1860 EX200-2-3 SH200 6BD1T 1-13610190-0 R55 R60-5/6 DH55 4TNV94 1-13610190-0
PC400-5 6D125 6151-61-1121/ 6151-61-1101 EX200-5 6BG1 1-13650017-1 R200-5 D6BR
PC400-6 S6D125 6151-62-1102 EX220-1 H06CT 16100-2371 R200-5 D6BT
PC400-6 S6D125E 6151-62-1100 EX220-1/2/3/ H06CT R200-5 D6BR 251000-93G00
4D94E EX220-5 H07CT 16100-3264 R210-5 D6BT 25100-93G01
4D102 EX300-2/3 6SD1 1-13610944-0 R300-5 6CT8.3 3415366
6D95L 6206-61-1505 EX300-5 6SD1T 1-13650068-1 SK60 DH60 4JB1
6D110 6138-61-1860 6D31 SK220-3 6D16 ME995307
SA6D110 6736-61-1202 6D31T SK200-3/5/6 HD700-5/7 6D31-N 6D34 ME088301
6D114 6D34 SK210-8 J05
S6D114E 6742-01-3670 4BD1 SK330-8 J08
D50P S6D125 6150-61-1102 4D34 SK250-8/ SK200-8 J05E
D50A-17 6D125 6D14 SH120 EX120-2/3 SK120 4BD1 8-94376865-0
S6D140 6162-63-1203/ 6212-61-1203 6D22 ME942187 SH120A3 4BG1 8-97125051-1
S6D140E-2B 6211-62-1400 6D22T ME150295 HD250 S4F 4D31
S6D155 /D155A1 6124-61-1004 6D16 ME995053 HD400 HD450 4D31 ME32941
6D155 6212-61-1203 6D15T ME996794 HD700-5 6D31-O ME391343
S6D155 6124-61-1008 4D31 HD800 HD900 6D14-N ME787131
D355C1 SA6D155 6127-61-1008 6BT ,4BT3.9 3913432 HD800 HD900 6D14-O ME088301
D155A1S6D170 6162-63-1012 6CT230 3802973 HD1250 6D22
PC30R-8 YM129001-42001 6CT240 DH220-3 D1146
E200B E320 E120B S4K/S6KT 5I7693 6D31-N ME088301 DH220-3 65.06500-6139C
320B S6K 6D31-O ME391343 DH220-5 DB58T 65.06500-6402A
320C 3066T 1786633 6D34T ME993520 DH280-3 D2366
E325B/C 3116 4W7589 6DB10 30045-60067 DH300-5 D1146T
E330C 8DC9 25100-72000 WA420-3 6CT
330D C9 B3.3 K19 3098960
3306T 2W8002 6CT8.3 3800974 NH220 3945361
3306T 2W8001 4D32 NH220 6685-61-1024
3306T 2P0661 4D33 ME215082 NT855 3055747
3306T 2P0662 4DR5 31645-02021 NT855 302474
3116 4P3683 4G54 ME975291 DA220 9-13610069-0
3126 4G64 ME972934 DSC12 1353072
3204 M11 10004TAG T4131011C
D8K D342 6N6015 E307/SH200 4M40 ME993473 1006TAG T4131E025
D8L 4N7498


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2w8002 water pump

Patrs name Parts number Description Manufactures
Water pump 61500060033Weichai engines 280 Horse powerweichai
Water pump AZ150006003367 model Weichai diesel engines weichai
Water pump AZ150006005068 model Weichai diesel engines Weichai
Water pump assy6156006005068 model Weichai diesel engines Weichai
Water pump 612600060243Weichai wp12 diesel enginesWeichai
Water pump 612600060143 Weichai WP10 diesel enginesFor SDLG,Liugong loaders
Water pump 61500060229Weichai WP10 diesel enginesFor construction machinery
Water pump Assy612600060131Weichai enginesFor loaders
Water pump Assy612600060260SteyrFor Golden Dragon Bus
Water pump 612600060338Weichai WP10 For construction machines
Water pump 612600060389 Weichai For trucks
Water pump VG1062060010Weichai engines For generator and genset
Water pump VG1062060250Weichai WP12 For trucks
Water pump VG1062060351Weichai WP12 For bus
Water pump VG1500060051 Howo Howo heavy trucks
Water pump 61800061007Shanxi Automobile GroupShanxi
Water pump 612600060569Shanxi Automobile GroupDelong F3000
Water pump 612600061603Weichai WP10 Diesel engines Weifang
Water pump 612600061697 Weichai WP10 Diesel engines Weifang
Water pump 612600060997Weichai WP10 Diesel engines Weifang
Water pump 612600061574Weichai WP10 Diesel engines Weifang
Water pump612600061426Weichai WP10 Diesel engines Longkou
Water pump12273240Deutz 226B diesel engines Weifang
Water pump 612630060328Weichai WP102 Diesel engines Weifang
Water pump 12273212Weichai Deutz 226BWeifang
Water pump 612630060080Weichai WP102 Diesel engines Longkou
Water pump Assy1307010A29DWuxi DieselWuxi
Water pump 612630060663Weichai WP12 Diesel engines Weifang
Water pump Assy1307010A36DWuxi DieselWuxi
Water pump VG1042060042Howo A7JiNan
Water pump D20-000-02AShangchai D6114 EnginesShanghai
Water pump assyVG1042060094Howo A7JiNan
Water pump AssyD20-000-30BShangchai D6114 EnginesShanghai
Water pump assy12159770Deutz 226BWeifang
Water pump C20AB-2W8002Shangchai C6121 diesel engines ,Caterpillar 3306B engine For shantui SD16 Bulldozer
Water pump 13034987Weichai Deutz 226BWeifang